About Baddie Nailz

Baddie Nailz is a modern manicure studio, founded by nail artist Fabiana Joseph, located in Jacksonville, Florida. Baddie Nailz offers a wide variety of nail art, classic manicures, and one of a kind looks based on your specifications.


Very professional, meticulous , like she takes her time but isn’t slow if you know what I mean. My nails never break or anything even when I did a soak off (coming back for a fresh set lol) my real nails did not hurt, peel or like have the dents from wearing false nails. She is very good and is my new permanent nail tech. Good nails aren’t cheap and cheap nails aren’t good !!



Fabiana is one of the most professional young women I have ever met!! She EXCEEDS my expectations EVERY time. Never a dull moment. So happy and full of life. As talented as she is, it’s her CUSTOMER SERVICE and APPRECIATION for her clients that keep me coming back!! If you looking for a nail stylist don’t think twice FAB is the one!!! #ImABaddieRU


I have been looking for a nail tech for a minute and my nails are A M A Z I N G !!! I love how she shapes my nails because that is important to me and the overall look is gorgeous !! Certified customer.