About Baddie Nailz

Baddie Nailz, is raising the bar when it comes to artistry and professionalism in the nail industry.

Baddie Nailz CEO, 24 year old West Palm Beach native Fabiana Joseph, grew up with a passion for art and the beauty in acrylics nails, which is how she decided to express her uniqueness as an artist. Her journey began in 5 th grade, when she taught herself how to paint her natural nails. She relocated to Jacksonville, FL, in 2006 and over time she perfected her craft throughout grade school, effortlessly laying acrylic by the time she was in high school. In 2012 she began her professional career as a master nail artist, after making the executive decision to quit her day job. By 2016, after a 2 year break, she decided to gather up some money, buy some updated supplies and products and start taking clients at home.

Fabiana pursues a caliber of professionalism in her work that is rooted in the foundation of healthy natural nails underneath nail enhancements. Her personality, work, and nail education brings a high number of clientele, as well as returning clients, who value the great work ethic and meticulous attention to detail that is consistently provided. The ultimate goal is for Baddie Nailz to evolve into a fully staffed salon and Fabiana has already set the standard by offering the latest nail trends, technique classes, continuously researching and allocating funds toward the best products, and most importantly always thinking of ways to better herself, her work quality and business.

Fabiana Joseph  |  CEO, Baddie Nailz